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The only front-end coding academy that won't put you to sleep.

Why Spicy Coding Academy?

Here's what makes us different.


Expert Instructors

Our instructors have actual industry experience and a real passion for teaching.


Fun Learning Environment

Get ready for an ab workout. Learning at Spicy Coding Academy is sure to leave you with a six pack from laughing too hard.


Real-world Projects

You'll work on real-world coding projects that will help you develop your skills and portfolio.


Personalized Support

Our instructors provide personalized support and feedback to help you succeed. They want to see you succed and grow!


Job-ready Skills

By the end of the bootcamp, you'll have the skills you need to apply for front end web development jobs.


Community of Learners

You'll join a community of learners who support each other and learn together.

Meet our Instructors!

Kyglo Webb

Kyglo went to San Diego State University, where he received a Bachelor's in Computer Science. He was a Cybersecurity Analyst at Stratum Point. Then he was hired as a Software Engineer Intern for Forward Slope. After graduating, he got a full time job as a full stack web developer at Calpine Energy Solutions, a Fortune 500 company. He wanted to continue coding while traveling the world and decided to become a freelance web developer, where he coded a non-profit charity website for a movie writer. Now he looks forward to his next venture as a teacher for Spicy Coding Academy while he gets his Masters at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Lauryn Jefferson

Lauryn has been a curious mind about coding since middle school. She took classes in high school and continued to study Computer Science at San Diego State University. She served as a TA for the data structures course and her tutored her peers at the EOP tutoring center. Lauryn is the kind of person who would help her classmates with homework in the library after class because she truly loves helping people learn to code. She graduated from San Diego State with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science in May of 2021. During her studies she interned at the Carnegie Mellon Human Computer Interaction Institute, and Intuit, a fortune 500 company in the financial technology industry. Since graduating, Lauryn continued to work as a software engineer with Intuit. She believes anyone can learn how to code and looks forward to teaching for Spicy Coding Academy.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does class start?

The minute you purchase the content you can start. We and the community of coders will always be one click away for help.

What makes your course different than other coding courses

We incoporate a variety of ways to learn in order to commit the material to long-term memory. We utilize community learning, one-on-one mentorship, trivia, games, stories and more to create high-level connections in a short period of time.

Is this course fun?

Is a clown's nose redder than an embarassed grandma?

What if I have no coding experience?

You're in the right place, this course is for complete beginners!

How long is the bootcamp?

Two months long with class material Monday to Friday and project material from Friday to Sunday.

Do you offer job placement services?

No we do not leach off of people's salaries and then call it "Job Placement." We are upfront with our costs and will NEVER ask you to give your hard-earned money to us after you graduate.

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to contact us at our email spicycodingacademy@gmail.com. We're happy to answer any questions you may have about our academy.

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